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Governorship candidate says education determines societal progress

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Prof. Oba Abdulraheem, Kwara Governorship Candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) has said that education is the best determinant of societal progress.

Oba made this known to pressmen on his plans for education of the people if voted as the next governor of Kwara.

He said as one of his major programmes, he placed a lot of premium on education of the people of Kwara being himself a trained educationist and teacher.

“And I know the value of education in determining many things in the society.
If you have a good education plan you are prepared to eradicate illiteracy. There is need for a well educated state of young people.

“And with good education you fight poverty, you fight disease and you fight ignorance. You fight even violence and extremism because it is ignorance that nurtures all these evils.

“So, if you begin by fixing the education sector, you would have gone a long way to prepare the future for the children,” Oba said.

The NNPP governorship candidate said it was unfortunate that there was a large number of out – of – school children across the nation.

“If we use the investment, the resources of government, to bring people up, we are only preparing them for the future.

“We are preparing the state for competition now and in the future, so education is one of the entry points and flagships of my administration by the Grace of God when I become governor,” Oba, said. (NAN

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