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2023: More women in politics key to peacebuilding – Jerusalem Dep. Mayor

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The Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Ms Fleur Hassan-Nahoum, has called for the support of more women in political positions, saying women are critical decision makers and peace building advocates.

Hassan-Nahoum made the appeal while fielding questions from pressmen in Jerusalem on women participation in Nigeria’s upcoming general elections.

This is also as she harped on the need for women to support each other, be good mentors to younger girls, the change of certain cultures and legislations to encourage more women vie for political offices.

“We should be a sisterhood, we can achieve a lot if we work together, we can change the dynamics, for everyone.

“I believe that we do not have a balanced world because women are not 50 per cent of decision makers and the problems that keep perpetuating themselves are because of that.

“Decisions are better when women are sitting on the table, not just for women but for everyone.

“What we have to make sure is that people should understand that it makes zero sense for half the population to be women and we do not have half the decision-making tables as women,” she said.

“And until women realise that and create solidarity groups, we are not going to move out of it.

“I myself have co-founded a number of women initiatives because I believe that if women are allowed to take the reigns in peace building in the middle east, we would have already had peace by now.

“So, I created two years ago with a woman friend who is very supportive, and we co-founded this women forum and we have a hundred and fifty women from around the world.

“From countries like Saudi Arabia who have not even made peace with Israel yet but this women have understood the importance of building bridges with other women leaders,” Hassan-Nahoum said.

The deputy mayor also urged men to support women, lauding the Mayor of Jerusalem who had been very supportive by giving her the opportunity to deputise him. (NAN)

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