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Reckless display of wealth, an abuse of rights of the poor, says ASATU Prime Minister Metchie,

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The African Director, International Association of World Peace Advocates, Amb. Chief Johnny Chukwudi Metchie, has condemned the way and manner some public officials and other privileged members of the society are flouting what he described as ill-gotten wealth while those around them wallow in abject poverty and hopelessness.

Metchie who is also the Prime Minister of Anambra State Association of Town Unions (ASATU), stated this Thursday, while receiving an honorary Doctorate award in Philanthropic Management bestowed on him by the Theological University College and Seminary, Abuja, an affiliate of the Wayne Park University, California, United State.

The decoration ceremony and issuance of certificate to Metchie was conducted His Eminence, Dr. Prince Victor Aboh, Founder and Chancellor of the University at his hometown, Umueri, Anambra state.

Prince Aboh said that Metchie, who is also the President General of Umueri community was considered for the award in appreciation of his leadership attributes, achievements as a community leader as well as his numerous philanthropic gestures and intervention to the less privileged, people in distress and humanity at large.

He urged Metchie not to relent in his efforts to assist those in need, as according to him, millions are wallowing in ignorance, hunger and diseases while a few, who have abundantly, are being indifferent to the cries of the poor.

In his acceptance speech, Chief Metchie said he felt much honoured to be recognised by such a reputable institution for the award, adding that he was surprised that the little contributions he is making are being recognised and celebrated.

He said it was abuse on the rights of the poor to quality living, a situation where those appointed into office to serve the people are amassing wealth by taking what belongs to everybody to only themselves while the rightful owners of the commonwealth are left to watch helplessly.

Metchie who was recently appointed and decorated as Assistant Commander General of the Nigerian Hunters and Forestry Security Service (NHFSS) in charge of Technical Services, said people of the world, especially the privileged and opportune, need to come together in solidarity to wage war against hunger and deprivation.

He described as wicked and condemnable, the lust to acquire more wealth, exotic cars, houses and others by some people, while they are surrounded by the poor, destitute and the sick.

”I am not against the acquisition of wealth. It is the right of every man and woman to acquire wealth and live the good life. What is condemnable is a situation while those in authority, divert what was meant to provide basic needs of the people, electricity, good roads, medicare, affordable housing and quality education, rather divert the resources to their private coffers.

“Again, even if you acquire wealth legitimately, it is abuse of the rights of others to embark on reckless display of affluence in the midst of the millions of poor, the destitute, orphans, widow and others in need, without a care in the world about thm. This is called indifference to the feeling of others. It is the worst form of abuse and oppression,” Chief Metchie concluded.

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