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How my administration will tackle corruption — Peter Obi

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Mr Peter Obi, Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, said that he will tackle corruption headlong if he becomes the next president of the country. According to Obi, if elected in 2023, his administration will have and show zero tolerance for corruption, noting that corrupt practices have crippled Nigeria’s growth for too long.

In a brief statement on Monday, Mr Obi said allowing corruption to thrive and to further deprive Nigerians of democracy dividend will not be allowed to continue.

“We will have zero tolerance for corruption; block leakages and cut the cost of governance. Our total commitment to transparency and accountability in government business is the only credible way to achieve zero corruption.

“The burden of endemic corruption is borne by the citizens; they are denied the high living standards which the wealth of their country should have given them through the provision of public infrastructure and services.

“To have corruption eat so deeply into the fabric of our public life, such that over 80% of our commonwealth is devoured by a small minority, while most of our people are left to scrounge and scavenge for a living is totally unacceptable,” Mr Obi asserted

In an earlier statement on Sunday, the former Anambra State governor said Nigeria at the moment is in dire need of a leadership that will transform the nation.

According to Mr Obi, this is the exact kind of leadership that he and his running mate – Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, will avail Nigerians if elected in the forthcoming election.

“Nigeria is badly in need of a reformative leadership. Bad leadership has hurt us deeply, damaged our psyche, and diminished our potential and dreams.

“Ultimately, the overall goal of the Obi-Datti administration will be to streamline governance, make it more responsive, transformative, effective, less transactional and therefore, efficient and cost-effective,” Obi stated.

In his opinion, the desire to take Nigeria back is nearly unanimous.

“We may be used to the old order; but we cannot vote for continuity of corruption, recklessness, impunity, and poverty. Deprivation is not habit-forming. Nigerians desire a better life.

“We can no longer gamble with our fate and future. I’m running for president because I am qualified, I have the capacity, credibility, commitment, stamina, governance experience, and track record. More importantly, Nigerians can trust me.

“There is Nigeria; But there are no Nigerians. Currently, Nigeria works for a small minority of people; Nigeria must work for all Nigerians,” he added.

Mr Obi further asserted that Nigerians must be able to dwell securely and in safety wherever they live, adding that this is the first duty of the government.

“This makes security a top priority for me,” he said.

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