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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Ukraine reports further missile attacks, also affecting Kiev

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Ukraine reported further Russian missile attacks on central regions of the country on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the authorities, the Vinnytsia region, in west-central Ukraine, was among those hit but explosions were also heard in Kiev.

The Ukrainian armed forces reported that Russia had fired missiles and combat drones from the territory of its ally Belarus in the direction of Kiev.

Two Russian missiles were reportedly intercepted in the Chernihiv region north of Kiev.

In the meantime, there was another air alert throughout the country.

For about a week and a half, Russia has again been bombarding Ukraine with missiles and drones.

Almost eight months after the start of the war, Moscow says it is targeting mainly Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

However, residential buildings have also been hit several times.

According to information from Kiev, more than 70 people have already died as a result of the latest wave of attacks. (NAN)

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