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Britain to send anti-aircraft missiles to help Ukraine defend skies

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Britain says it will send anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine to help defend its skies against Russian attacks, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has announced.

The Amraam rockets are the first donated by Britain that are capable of shooting down cruise missiles.

It is hoped the new air-defence missiles will help protect Ukrainian infrastructure after Moscow launched a wave of deadly missile and drone attacks on the country’s cities and power plants this week.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his forces were subsequently accused of war crimes by G7 allies, who vowed to “continue to provide financial, humanitarian, military, diplomatic and legal support and stand firmly with Ukraine for as long as it takes”.

The shift in the Kremlin’s strategy to attacks on civilian areas and infrastructure came in retaliation for an explosion that damaged the strategically and symbolically important Kerch Bridge, linking Russia to the annexed Crimean peninsula.

Britain and other western governments are shipping new weapons systems to Ukraine or gearing up to provide more help.

The Amraam rockets will be delivered in the coming weeks to be used with the Nasams air-defence systems pledged by the United States, the Ministry of Defence said.

The latest package of British equipment also includes hundreds of other air defence missiles and aerial drones, as well as a further 18 howitzer artillery guns.

Wallace said: “Russia’s latest indiscriminate strikes on civilian areas in Ukraine warrant further support to those seeking to defend their nation.

“So today I have authorised the supply of Amraam anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine.
“These weapons will help Ukraine defend its skies from attacks and strengthen their overall missile defence alongside the U.S. Nasams.”

Nato defence ministers discussed additional support for Ukraine in Brussels on Wednesday, with further talks due on Thursday.

Britain will also contribute to a funding package to help provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine including winter clothes, shelters, generators, fuel trucks and ambulances.

Britain has previously supplied Kyiv with various weapons, including the NLAW anti-tank missile launcher, which was considered instrumental in the initial defence against Moscow’s invasion. (NAN)

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