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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Russian attacks on Ukraine could be war crimes-UN

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UN Human Rights Office in Geneva on Tuesday said the spate of recent deadly Russian attacks on Ukraine could be classified as war crimes.

The UN spokesperson, Ravina Shamdasani said “attacks targeting civilians and objects indispensable to the survival of civilians are prohibited under international humanitarian law.

“The location and timing of the strikes when people were commuting to work and taking children to school is particularly shocking.’’

In addition to putting civilians in harm with strikes on city centres, 12 energy companies and other important infrastructure were hit, the office said.

Shamdasani said attacking power plants just before winter hits particularly vulnerable people who are unable to flee because of their age or illness.

Ukrainian authorities on Tuesday spoke of 19 dead as a result of the attacks on Monday.

The UN Human Rights Office called on Russia to refrain from further escalation and to do everything in its power to avoid civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure. (NAN)

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