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Ogah promises to domesticate 35 percent affirmative action on women’s inclusion in governance

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Uche Ogah, the Abia State Gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress for the 2023 general elections, has applauded the contributory roles of women in governance and nation building.
He observed that nothing meaningful in society can be achieved without the presence and input of women in human and developmental pursuits and advocated that women must be empowered to contribute their ideas, service and resources to any cause as he further noted, they go about it with zest, utter commitment and ingenuity to ensure that only the best outcome is experienced.
Ogah, who was the immediate past Minister of State for Mines and Steel Development, before his emergence as gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress during the concluded primary elections which took place in Abia state, spoke in a statement on Tuesday, also maintained  that it has become imperative for the  electorates in the country to install leaders who believe completely in working with our women and not relegating them to the background.
According to him, it is equally important that we project our women to the limelight because their successes and achievements definitely affects our society in a far enriching manner.
“It was Brigham Young who said when you educate a woman, you train a nation. To all intents and purposes, we can observe that all his statement was factual and remains so to this day, “he added.
In order to entrench the place of our women especially in Abia State, the frontline Abia APC governorship candidate, promised that deliberate polices shall be formulated and brought into effect to ensure our girls children are educated as even our rural women are offered adult education when elected into office as governor in 2023.
“This is the first step in empowering our women,” Ogah assured.
Continuing, the ex-minister also assured that the Beijing Declaration of 35 percent Affirmative Action on Women’s inclusion in politicking, elective and appointive positions which Nigeria was a signatory will be domesticated in Abia state, and which he stated aligned with his blueprint for the emancipation of the state, upon assumption of duty as next Abia governor.
“It will be increased to 45 percent in order to signpost the mainstreaming of our women into high-level positions of authority,”Ogah further assured.
The prominent APC chieftain reassured, “as a firm believer in the sublime abilities of our women, I’m making it abundantly evident to all and sundry that the women of Abia state are in for a historic stint by the time we are in government to deliver excellence to all Abians which will be predicated on the relentless and ever committed qualities and resources of Abia women”.
Parts of his statement read, “To every discerning mind, it is readily observed that nothing meaningful in society can be achieved without the presence and input of our women. Well, infact, just as there’s no life without women, nothing can even thrive, in society or in any human pursuit without the sublime contribution of women. I understand the role of women in any developmental pursuit and I’m a firm supporter and believer in the effervescent and debonair roles our women play in our existence.
“Being that governance entails service delivery in the discharge of responsibilities towards a citizenry, it is manifestly clear that women who God in Heaven imbued with the divine and eternal attributes of gentility in rendering service must be given several seats at the table of governance so our communities would advance in a rapid, timely and collaborative manner which would be devoid of high-handedness and strife”.
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