Russia’s Putin announces military mobilisation for Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered Russia’s first mobilisation since World War Two, warning the West that if it continued what he called its “nuclear blackmail” that Moscow would respond with the might of all its vast arsenal, REUTERS reports.

Putin and his Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, in their appearances on Russian TV Wednesday stressed that the mobilisation is strictly partial.

Only reservists will be called up, Putin said.

“Under no circumstances“ will students or conscripts be asked to serve, stressed Shoigu. Nonetheless, this announcement will make Russians very nervous.

The shock news that mobilisation will begin immediately, today, means that many Russians, especially young professionals, will be considering leaving the country as soon as possible.

The Russian stock market took a sharp downturn at the news, and there are reports of increases in sales of plane tickets in order to leave the country.

AFRIPOST reports that Russian military had a setback recently and retreated after Ukrainian military counter-offensive to re-capture some parts of Russian-controlled Ukrainian territory.


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