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Benue 2023: Ortom’s aide, Akase highlights difference between  Fr Alia, Adasu 

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Terver Akase, a Special Adviser to the Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom on Media, has compared His blessed memory, Reverend Fr. Moses Adasu with the All Progressives Congress, APC, governorship candidate in the state, Reverend Fr. Hyacinth Alia.

Akase who recalled how Adasu built his political empire and got prepared for the governorship position ahead of time, said Alia does not have the requisite knowledge or track record to be seen as a rescuer. 

He told AFRIPOST exclusively that instead of talking about Alia, people should rather commend Adasu for rising with experience into the Benue Peoples House (Government House)

“Adasu was an administrator. Adasu had experience in administration, Church administration and even in government and he crowned it with the membership of constituency assembly in 1989. And that was the body without conference that drafted the 1989 constitution.  So Adasu was prepared. He was prepared not just politically, he was prepared administratively. He was part of different committees including that of the prerogatives of mercy. 

“He had contact with development.  He had contact with what was needed to lead the people. But this guy doesn’t have any of those things. So we should be talking about another person, not him. 

“If the APC wanted to give PDP a run for their money, they would have brought someone who has track record of development and trsuted to give development. He absolutely doesn’t have it. When you see someone who has what it takes to develop a state, you will know. 

“There are many Catholic priests who have developed the society. They have built schools and hospital and have been giving charity. This guy has never since the crisis in our state started cared to visit the IDPs camp, not even to pray for them.

“When you say you are feeling for the people, why not start from there? We have priests who have made the IDPs their project. They visit them, gather food and materials and pray for them and donate those materials to them. 

“This particular person has never visited any of the camps just to pray for the IDPs. And you are saying you love the people. How much do you love the people? For how many years – five to six years that these people have been in the camp, you have never visited them and you have been in Benue. You have never taken even a loaf of bread to them,” Akase fumes. 

Fr Alia

Alia is a catholic priest who the All Progressives Congress, APC, picked from its governorship primary. But there are allegations that the primary from which Alia emerged was a ‘yahoo yahoo’ one. 

Consequently, both the APC and the PDP are in court to challenge the emergence of the APC candidate through a primary that did not allow full participation.

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