New rules on paid leave for both parents come into force in Denmark


New rules on the sharing of parental leave came into force in Denmark on Tuesday that provides for 11 weeks of paid leave for each parent.

In addition, there would be 26 weeks that can be shared at will.

In Denmark, parents are entitled to a total of 48 weeks of paid leave for both of them together.

Until Tuesday, two were reserved for fathers and 14 for mothers.

The new arrangement is the result of an agreement that parliament passed by a large majority in March.

It follows a European Union (EU)’s directive of 2019, in terms which all member states must provide nine weeks of paid leave to each parent.

Trade unions see the new arrangement as a major step toward improved job opportunities for mothers.

Iceland, Sweden and Norway served as forerunners of the change.

To date, Danish mothers have tended to take the largest share of paid parental leave. (NAN)


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