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APGA crisis: Okorie, Njoku not our party members but meddlesome interlopers – Spokesman, Okechukwu

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Tex Okechukwu, the National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, has taken a swipe at Chief Chekwas Okorie over recent outbursts against the APGA National Chairman of the party, Ozonkpu Victor Ike Oye on the leadership tussle in the party.

Recall that Okorie who was the pioneer national chairman of APGA, on Monday, 27th June 2022, while briefing journalists in Abuja, had claimed that the latest round of internal wrangling in APGA was allegedly hatched by disgruntled elements who were displeased by the Supreme Court’s unambiguous affirmation of the Edozie Njoku-led National Working Committee as the authentic leadership organ of the party.

He also accused the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, of beating about the bush with regard to obeying the Supreme Court judgment.

The Party chieftain explained that the Court had affirmed, as lawful and binding, the 2019 national convention of APGA held in Owerri, Imo State, which elected Edozie Njoku as National Chairman and other members of the National Working Committee (NWC) as officers of the Party.

Okorie further pointed out that Victor Oye had no claim to any lawful convention of the party which legitimised his emergence as the National Chairman of the Party for a second term in office.

Reacting, Okechukwu, while reacting to the assertions by Okorie, in a statement forwarded to AFRIPOST on Friday night, noted that the party leadership wouldn’t want to waste time on issues of these meddlesome interlopers and political marauders, who are sponsored to operate shamelessly in social media and on some televisions who have defiantly done non-investigative journalism.

According to him, “probably they may be justifying their reckless publication on the basis of fair hearing. The truth is that fair hearing is a matter for the courts to determine. A journalist is not expected to publish any unverified junk, not minding the damages ripple effects on the society”.

He drew the attention of all and sundry that Chekwas Okorie and Edozie Njoku are not members of APGA and must not be allowed to mislead the general public.

“No properly television stations should allow unverified stories to be aired through their air space. This will not only be damaging the image of the station but will imprint on the minds of viewers that their news cannot be reliable”.

Okechukwu further recalled that Okorie was sacked from the All Progressive Grand Alliance in 2003, and had also joined another party, and shouldn’t be listened to, by anyone as APGA members.

Continuing, the party spokesman maintained that Edozie Njoku has been a regular meddlesome interloper as the due are mere political marauders whose rascality would soon land them in jail.

“How could these shameless men not find what else to do? Believe me, they will soon receive the products they have ordered”.

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