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Benue insecurity: Ogbadibo LG limits operations of motorcycles, shuts down criminal haven

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The outgoing Executive Chairman of Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State, Hon. Prince Samuel Onuh, on Tuesday, convened an expanded Security Council meeting to address the security situation in the local government.

AFRIPOST reports that Owukpa and Orokam communities have been under serious Fulani herdsmen attacks, killing and kidnapping locals for ransom. In the month of June, three natives were kidnapped and released after payment of ransom. An attempted kidnapping attack carried out on a prominent businessman in Owukpa came shortly after a similar incident in Aho Catholic Church where a Reverend Father’s cook was abducted.

Similarly, another man was kidnapped in Orokam leading to the death of two Volunteer Guards during an exchange of gunshots with the kidnappers while on rescue operations in a forest.

The Chairman told the gathering of recent security breaches that led to loss of lives by destructive herdsmen militias. He informed the meeting of all his efforts in the past 48 hours with the Special Adviser to the Governor on security, Operation Whirlstroke, Zenda, Vigilante guards and Obagaida to contain the marauding herdsmen.

Onuh said the operation is ongoing and employed all the citizens to cooperate with the security operatives to contain these enemies by providing prompt and useful information. He informed all that were present in the meeting which was also a valedictory session in his honour as he ends his tenure as Executive Chairman and Chief Security Officer of the LG next week.

All the heads of agencies and traditional rulers took turns to proffer solutions to the situation on ground. They all commended the Chairman for his stewardship for the past two years and wished him well in his future endeavours. It was agreed that the Ada’Ogbadibo should pray and bless the Chairman for God’s grace as he takes a bow as the LG Chairman.

The resolutions of the meeting to contain the dangerous situation in the LG are as follows and with immediate effect.

All motorcycle movements (Okada/Private) shall not operate after 8 pm to 6 am. Any violator of this order will be arrested and prosecuted. Such motorcycle will be impounded. Vigilantes/Obaigaida have been empowered to mount road blocks at strategic spots to arrest violators.

The notorious Ade-Igwu heavy-duty park at Orokam is to be shut down indefinitely and immediately. It is observed to be the haven for criminals that storm Ogbadibo LG from other states of the Federation.

It was resolved that scavengers in the name of ‘iron condemn’ who move about from village to village and from one compound to another be stopped forthwith. They are advised to go and purchase their scrapped metals from the market or designated areas. Violators should be apprehended as most of them are informants to criminals.

Present at the meeting were heads of all security agencies operating in the LG, the Ada’Ogbadibo, HRH Chief Emmanuel Odeh and all his Chiefs including the two Third Class Chiefs, HRH Chief Sunday Ekele and HRH Chief Joseph Ikwuje and all Ward and Clan heads.

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