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APGA insists Oye remains party chairman

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Tex Okechukwu, the National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, has described as fake and unfounded, online news report purporting the removal of Ozonkpu Victor Ike Oye, as the national chairman of the party by the ruling of the supreme court of Nigeria.
Recall that reports had on Thursday, surfaced in many section of online news media about a supreme court’s judgment removing Oye as APGA national chairman, and also ordering a party member, Chief Edozie Njoku to assume the position.
Reacting, Okechukwu, in a statement forwarded to AFRIPOST on Thursday night, reiterated that there was no such supreme court review that altered the status quo, as he insisted that it was false rumour propagated by jobless ramblers and wayfarers.
According to the APGA spokesman, “it is high time these criminal marauders be brought to book. The news is false, fake and unfounded. This nonsense must stop.
“APGA does not have any other faction and does not have any other national chairman, except Ozonkpu Dr Victor Ike Oye. Oye is a responsible, and respectable chairman of the third largest political party in Nigeria. A distinguished and law-abiding citizen of Nigeria, therefore, deserves respect.
“It is obvious that these buttinsky and meddlesome interlopers need to be taught some hard lessons to curb their excesses”.
He regretted the persistent practice of those it described as meddlesome interlopers to create confusion and distract every genuine constitutional activity.
Okechukwu warned that the integrity of the apex court of Nigeria must not be ridiculed or brought to disrepute by anybody whosoever, maintaining that intermittent abuse and publication of the supreme court’s orders or judgments by party chieftains, Edozie Njoku and Jude Okeke, and as well, their co-travelers must be addressed with a serious quantum measure to avoid an unprecedented crisis.
“The supreme court should frown seriously at this and take immediate action to redress such malevolent libelous publications which impugn on the revered integrity of the supreme court of Nigeria, APGA, the national chairman, Dr Victor Ike Oye, and Nigeria at large.
“The supreme court of Nigeria should look into this matter and bring these offenders to book. They should not use the apex court of Nigeria at will to perpetuate their fraud or for blogging financial benefits, knowing once such articles is posted it will attract a response crediting their blog account. This is impunity of the highest order should be stopped immediately”.
Continuing, Okechukwu reiterated, “APGA is a lawfully registered political party and has Ozonkpu Dr Victor Ike Oye, as its one and only national chairman recognized by INEC.
“It is pertinent that the general public is informed that there is no such judicial review sought for by unknown and unidentified Jude Okeke in the supreme court of Nigeria at all.
“This physically inexistent Jude Okeke commonly used as political hacker, should stop henceforth or face the wrath of the law.
He, however, vowed that APGA will no longer tolerate this kind of libelous publication or any other form of political rascality that is aimed at maligning the integrity of the national chairman of APGA or to bringing to disrepute the one and only APGA national chairman, Ozonkpu Dr Victor Ike Oye, or APGA”.

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