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Korra Obidi provides proofs estranged husband stole her 5000 dollars, as Justin returns money

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After raising the alarm over the money that was transferred by her estranged husband, Justin Dean, Korra Obidi has disclosed that the money has now been returned to the joint account.

Korra had earlier raised the alarm that Justin had transferred 5000 dollars from their joint account.

Accounting to her, she mistakenly sent the money to the account as she plans to renew her rent.

But in another live video, the Nigerian dancer cum singer said Justin returned the money late Saturday evening after she came online to divulge what transpired.

She went ahead to provide proofs of the transfer, stating that Justin’s denial that the transfer was done in error was a mere coverup. She displayed the transfer details and email conversation she had with her estranged husband after the cash was transferred.

Korra said, ” This is why I’m getting a divorce. Everything Justin does is a mistake just to cover up and make me look bad.

“Right now, I’m always going to come here and divulge anything he does. I’m not going to be the mute Korra so people don’t take advantage of that.

“He told you guys on his live video that it was a mistake. Let me show you the proofs,” displaying her laptop on the live video.

“I planned to pay my next rent with this money. Justin came here and painted me black. Destroyed my reputation with different allegations. And since he came out first, we will continue to make everything public. I’m no longer that mute Korra.

” Since I gave birth to my last child two months ago, I have not had peace. Meanwhile, I’m not even asking him for feeding of these children. I have been feeding them since we parted,” she said.

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