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It’s not a sin to marry two or more wives – Pastor Giwa

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The Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa, has opined that marrying more than one wife in Christendom is not a sin against God, but a crime against humanity.

Adewale was reacting to the recent controversy that greeted the issue of polygamy following the decision of a popular Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie to pick up a second wife. 

 The popular Pastor maintained that marrying more than a wife will not pit a man against God.

Backing up his claim with bible passages, Giwa said Abraham and Jacob who married more than one wife were able to see God.

He said that even though he was not in support of polygamy, the clarification was necessary to enlighten the public. 

The pastor further maintained that a man needs to just serve God wholeheartedly and diligently in order to make heaven. 

“Abraham had three wives, Jacob had four. In Matthew: 8 v 11, specifically, Jesus Christ said to his followers that many would come from the East and West and take their place at the seat with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

“However, I’m not saying this to support who wants to marry as many as possible but to just set the record straight that polygamy is not a sin.

“As a polygamist, you must serve God wholeheartedly, maintain justice, equity and fairness between your wives. When God created Adam and Eve, he did not tell them to sleep with each other. After the devil must have deceived Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, then their eyes were opened and sin entered the world.

“There is no marriage in heaven according to Matthew: 22 v 30. When a group of questioners came to meet Jesus Christ, asking him series of questions about a certain woman who married seven husbands. They asked Jesus that at the resurrection, who will be the real husband of the woman, Jesus answered and said, at the resurrection, people will neither marry nor be given in marriage.

“In Genesis chapter: 2 v 24 that people refer to today, that says a man will leave his father and mother and unite with his wife, the statement was originated from Adam, not God. People should read that chapter very well. Any law that is against polygamy in the bible, originated from people not from God.

“Enoch gave birth to Methuselah while Methuselah produced Lamech who first married two wives in the bible. Look at Enoch, the bible says Enoch did not see death. So he produced Methuselah, Methuselah produced Lamech who started polygamy in the bible. Lamech.”

Giwa stressed that “A man who marries two wives without having a concubine but maintains fairness, justice and equity between them is more honourable in God’s eyes than a man who marries one wife and still sleeps around with different women.

“Polygamy is not criteria to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Your attitude, behaviour and relationship with God and the people will determine whether you will make heaven or not. keep the Lord’s Commandments and serve Him diligently.

“The way and manner in which God spoke directly to Christian saints in the Old Testaments who married multiple wives, He is not speaking directly to the ones with “One Wife” nowadays. Because many have moved away from God, but now worshipping and gathering earthly treasures that cannot stand the test of time.

“Polygamy is a crime against humanity, not against God. Our holy God does not give us the law or conditions to marry one or multiple wives.”



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