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Nigerian youths must be better versions of themselves to make it – Emmanuel Edoh

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Emmanuel Edoh, an entrepreneur and industrialist has disclosed how he became an independent businessman from his early days as a student, stating that the youths have to change the narrative both home and abroad, as they owe it to the nation and Africa at large to be better versions of ourselves.

While speaking to some select journalists, Edo who has diversified into real estate business said he started business as early as his secondary school days. He said whenever he has money, what hits him is the idea for turnover.

According to him, as a businessman, you must be creative, and you must not stop thinking on how to break new grounds.

” People think that in this part of the world, young people cannot get engaged in business and be genuinely successful. But I think we’re beginning to change that narrative.

“I was into sales and distribution of wine at AUCHI poly where I was a student. I was one of the major suppliers of premium wine in the school and I was known for being genuine for supplying those wines. And I made money. I mean good money. So youths should be encouraged to genuinely do their business instead of. If you work hard, you will definitely make it.

“I’m into different ventures. In fact, during the lockdown for COVID-19, we survived through fishery and poultry. Since I came into this city ( Abuja) I have sealed great deals in the estate business. Right now, I’m trying to diversify further. I’m moving into nightlife business. After seeking the opinion of my very good friend and elder brother, Uyi Ogbebor, I feel it’s time to delve into nightlife. I have been into sales and distribution of premium wine since my school days, and I believe a combination of that and other factors will blend me into the nightlife business. Myself, Sir Uyi and other friends are working to set up another club here in Abuja, and very-very soon, Abuja will hear from us.

I advise young people to take seriously what they do. Commitment and tenacity of purpose have pushed me to this very level today. You don’t need to manipulate people to actualize your dream. With dedication and commitment, you can change your life story,” he said.

Edoh is looking to partner with like-minds in a 5 million dollars investment in nightlife and entertainment industry.

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