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Godfatherism hindering responsive leadership in Abia – Guber aspirant, Anayogu

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Ahead of the 2023 general election in Abia state, a gubernatorial hopeful from the state, Chief James Okereke Anyaogu, has maintained that there is no godfather backing his aspiration to become next governor of Abia state.

He attributed the godfatherism syndrome largely seen in the governance of Abia state since inception of current democratic rule in Nigeria as the root cause of leadership failure in the state and most other parts of the country.

Speaking against the negative effect of the undemocratic practice during an interview with AFRIPOST in Umuahia, on Friday, Chief Anyaogu, an international business tycoon, also decried alleged insensitivity of the government in Abia state to foster growth and development in all facets of the state’s economy and Infrastructure.

Asked to shed lights on his decision to vie for the gubernatorial seat of Abia in the upcoming 2023 election in Nigeria, Anyaogu hinged his aspiration on the inability of successive administrations to lay solid foundation for rapid developments to thrive in every part of the state.

He said, “I join this governorship race now because of the pains I see in the eyes of Abia people. Our people have gone through so much. Our people are suffering and the present government is not doing anything to help them. They do not have any plan for them.

“I come with a wealth of experience. I have seen good roads I have seen good state. I have seen people develop, and I know what it can take to develop people, because, the people are one that develops the state.

Anyaogu admonished the electorates in the state to be wary of failed politicians, political parties and opportunists who have nothing meaningful to bring to bear on the desire and yearning of the citizens for better economic and Infrastructural growth and developments in Abia state.

Words, “I advise Abia people to be careful. Don’t fall for the promises anymore. They should not fall for their lies. Don’t fall because they give you money. The money they will give you is your settlement. Vote your conscience this time Vote for the future of your children and grandchildren. Don’t be selfish with your vote, if they give you money, take the money, and vote your conscience”.


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