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EMEKA KALU: Still On The Echo Sound Of Southern Nigeria People’s Solidarity For 2023 Presidency

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In a viable democracy, power belongs to the people not to the rich or those pot-bellied politicians who see themselves as lords over the leadership hierarchy of our great Country. The clamour for power rotation has been gaining national prominence which among other things calls for galvanized togetherness of Southern Nigeria political stakeholders to ensure Presidential seat is rotated where a person from South East can be supported and elected.

The seat of power at the centre is not dominantly the birthright of one ethnic bloc and failure of the major political parties to zone their presidential tickets to the SouthEast is a clear indication of calumny and fiction that we are one Nigeria. All Southerners in their capacity are craved to unite strongly in support of a seasoned, experienced and competent candidate of Igbo ethnic nationality who will be able to transform Nigeria from impoverished conditions to new economic glory. The time is here for us to staunchly form a formidable front like in the days of Zikist Movement under one unified umbrella and fights for equity and justice in the land.

At the same time, I draw the ears of those who go about secretly truncating this transformation drive simply because of cheap piece meals from their so-called political mentors. It is not time for display of greed, selfishness and arrogance but a time to critically examine the issues at stake and then move in the right direction for a new face of a new Nigeria. There is no Nigerian who loves and justifies truth that did not witness the level of support South East gave to His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in 2019 through the various platforms- Atikulated Agenda in reference. Presently, the positions of things demand that the same political stakeholders from the North give unalloyed support to a South Easterner in 2023 as an omen of fair play and sense of national cohesion.  That is the principle of equity installation and transparency.

All friends and partners of equity are called to rise and speak against inequality and power drunkness on the part of some folks in Nigeria. Our unity must not be cajoled or squinched into a decaying mud of darkness because of character frailties of some politicians in the land who fail to see justice above their selfish desires. Nigeria belongs to all of us and Igbo nation must never be sentimentally ridiculed and sidelined out of power from the centre. Our indivisibility is our greatness as one Nigeria and we are here solidly behind those tendencies capable of uniting us all the more which is no other thing than growing the crops of equity and fairness.

Chief Emeka Kalu is the National Coordinator, PDP Coalition. Tel No-08154010000


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