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Equal Access holds Stakeholders Consultation, Validation Forum with partners in Nigeria

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Equal Access International (EAI) Thursday held a ‘Stakeholders Consultation and Validation Forum’ with both local, national and international partners in Abuja, Nigeria.

According to a statement signed by the EAI Deputy Country Director, Mr Gad Peter, the objective of the stakeholder engagement was to initiate a conversation aimed at generating interest that could lead to sustainability of one of its radio programmes called. “Farar Tattabara” (White Dove) and support for continuous and constant airing of the CVE focused radio magazine shows.

Giving more insight into what the programme was all about, the Country Director, Mr. Maji Peters said, “What we are doing here is called “Stakeholders Consultation and Validation Forum”. What we intend to do here is to present to our stakeholders, media and international partners, international NGOs and agency institutions the ‘outcome harvest’ we carried out in one of our flagship programmes in Hausa language, “Farar Tattabara” which is the white dove where we did series of pragrammes and media outreach that covered the nineteen Northern States; working with 22 Radio stations; Arewa 24 which is a partner TV station by reaching out to over seventeen million listeners and viewers.

“The idea is for us to be able to have evidence base impact assessment and getting people who are on the field to say this is what we have done and this is the outcome that it has brought about.

”This is why we got some of our Peace Promotion Fellow to come here to tell us what are the things they did and how did they make measurable impacts. You could hear from a fellow that did advocacy for pedestal bridge in a place where vehicles were always hitting children which was put in place by Borno State government and we got survey report now that accidents and deaths of school children in that place have dropped to zero since that happened.

“You also heard the feedback from somebody who worked with the Tsangaya schools and right now he has gotten so many other people who are teachers in Tsangaya institutions to go back to school.

Somebody who was in photography is also now training other people. Those are impacts that could be seen openly and that is what we wanted to highlight so that we look for means of sustaining it because, for us, it is collaboration.

“If our fund could not allow us go further, who are those that could take off from where we have stopped and impact on others?

“Basically that is what we are focusing and that is what we are looking at. We are so glade to get media people coming in here so that we could tell the world this is what is happening for all of us to make a difference. Together, each of us can achieve more”.

EAI-Nigeria at the moment focuses on CVE, youth and women participation and engagement in peace and social change, peace & security, enhancing community resilience and good governance.

The programme was attended by representatives of international agencies and institutions, directors/representatives of international NGOs, managers of radio stations, community reporters, Card Holders with EAI, Peace Promotion Fellows and other media partners.

As an implementer of multimillion project within Nigeria since 2013, EAI possesses some unrivalled strengths which include combining targeted, award-winning media content with social mobilization, advocacy, governance strengthening, and women and youth empowerment through Radio & Satellite Television Production, Social Media Programming, Digital Literacy Tech Camps, Youth Capacity Development, Exchanges, Mentorships, Evidence Based Learning, Formative Research and Listenership Studies.

EAI has demonstrated the ability to guide communities at greatest risk of communal and political violence toward sustainable solutions that engage the most vulnerable populations in a stakeholder-driven process of community development.

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