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NUJ Inaugurates LEADERSHIP Chapel

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The Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ) Federal Capital Territory Council has inaugurated LEADERSHIP NUJ chapel in line with article six of the NUJ electoral constitution.

The newly elected chairman of the NUJ LEADERSHIP chapel, Comrade Ebriku John Friday in his acceptance speech reiterated that he will unify its member and collaborate with the NUJ to ensure that all benefit accrued to its members are giving to them.

Ebriku said that as the chairman, he will promote unity, togetherness and share in the pains of its members through collective support.

‘’We will interface with the management of LEADERSHIP to achieve set target such a welfare of staffs, training and retraining of our members to improve their professional skills,’’ he said.

In his address the chairman, NUJ FCT, Paul Ella Abechi noted that conducting chapel election is part of his duty as the chairman and its part of my constitutional responsibility to see NUJ chapel being set up in all media outreach in Abuja.

He said that chapel will enhance the NUJ FCT sportsmanship as well as the ease of coordination of its activities in the nation capital.

‘’So having a chapel here today is a wonderful thing that has happened. We are just coming from another chapel inauguration this is the second chapel that have inaugurated today and it’s gladden the union that these chapel are coming together taking the affairs of the union seriously and at the same time, it serves as a guide ethically for those in the profession because we as a body, we have a unifying force and we can look into issues together and forge a better way ahead that will benefit us in the profession.

‘’So what happen today at the leadership, is encouraging, and is welcomed and we are proud today that we have a chairman of the LEADERSHIP NUJ chapel. So it is a good thing on our own side,’’ he said.

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