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Anybody In The Street Can Feel My Song And Sing Along – Austin K

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Upcoming musical wizkid, Austin K, is set to take over the Nigerian musical space by storm with his new single titled: “Thank You MTN”, the Delta State born Artistes says, he is just using the single first, to appreciate his fans and some organisations that have been supporting the music industry in Nigeria.
He has however, tailored the single in such a way that anybody in the streets could easily feel the song and instantly sing along in the same fashion.
On his genre of music, Austin K said, “I do music for living, l have been in the industry for a while doing music as a job. I just dropped my single recently titled ‘Thank you MTN’, it is a song that anybody can feel in the street and sing along. I do R&B, and inspirational music. To be specific I am a Rhythm & Blues artiste and play inspirational music.
On Why he chose R&B, Austin K said, “because, that is what I do. When I realized my talent; especially when I go out, different producers that I met always said “you sing like this person’. With that insight, I then realized I’m good at this particular one so, I decided to follow my dream which is R&B.
According to the Ubulu Uku born singer, he started singing from childhood which sharpened up at his teenage years. It was during his teenage years that he realized that innate talent in him.
“Actually, I started this music stuff in my childhood years. It was during my teen years that I released I have a talent in me; each time I go to church I sing with most of my teenage friends. After realizing that I can do it, I quickly started doing it. Thank God I’m here today, I’m still doing it. And I know I can be the best”, Austin K said.
On a possible album, the singer said “Not for now. You know album is not something you can just come out with and then drop. People have to feel you in the street, carry people along and do some couple of things. I’m not ready to drop any album now, what I intend doing is dropping my singles till further notice. Yeah, I’m not ready for album right now”.
“Having an album is not the main thing, you can be dropping singles. There are artists out there that have been in the industry for some years now they don’t even have an album. What really matters is what you can offer to your fans in the streets. Like I said, these artistes have more than twenty singles out there. While you see them release singles today yet, they also work on their albums. So, the easiest thing is for you to find a way to compile it. Album is not the main thing now, the main thing is to pass the messages and the music you do and as well compile it into an album”, he added.
Right now, Austin K says he wants to be doing new things and bringing in new stuff so that people can feel him in the street and as well as carry them along in any future plans.
“My plans for them is that I will be dropping my singles and also appreciate them. Like this one, that I did recently it’s also for my fans not only MTN. I’m thanking and appreciating them so far. I just shot my video anyway which I’m planning to release very soon. This one is for my fans ‘Thank you MTN’ simply thank you my fans. That is my plan for now.
Austin K who said he has collaboration with MTN said he decided to work with the telecommunication company because they have excelled in everything they do, including sponsoring of music artists amongst others.
Describing the Nigerian music industry as a huge success, Austin K said “I can describe Nigerian music industry right now as a booming industry. If I have to refer back, it wasn’t like this. I could remember that four, six, seven years back, the industry was not like this. Nigerian music Industry can create jobs for youths out there not only for the artists alone. All these record labels you see around, they have administrative personnel. There are also other stages which bring in employment along the line. Nigerian music industry is huge right now and can as well open doors of employment.
On the Nigerian artists he looks up to, Austin K said “

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