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Democracy Day: APC’s lack of governance skills leaves Nigerians with nothing to celebrate – PDP

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As the All Progressive Congress (APC) marks its 2nd year in power, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) under the leadership of Senator Ahmed Makarfi’s, has said Nigerians have nothing to celebrate.

The Party stated this in a statement signed and issued by Chinwe Nnorom on ‎behalf of the Publicity Secretary of its National Caretaker Committee, Dayo Adeyeye, on Sunday night.

The PDP accused the APC of squandering the democratic governance it (PDP) bequeathed to it through intolerance and highhandedness to any form of opposition.

The opposition party further said that it could only be through crass ineptitude in governance that the APC could plunge the vast majority of Nigerians into despondency and depressed condition of life under two years.

The PDP, while describing the APC-led federal government as representing confusion in its entirety, expressed sadness that the current somber atmosphere of the APC suggested bleak 2019 elections outing.

The statement reads in part: “Tomorrow, May 29, 2017 marks another ‘Democracy Day’ and two years that our great Party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) bequeathed democratic governance to the Current Administration of the All Progressive Congress (APC); which it has already squandered given its intolerance and highhandedness to any form of opposition, as well as crass ineptitude in governance.

“We make bold to state that our deepest concern as a Party to grow democracy in Nigeria engendered the solid foundation we put in place and guaranteed the agreeable atmosphere that enabled oppositions to thrive and consequently won elections.

“Unfortunately, this same Party, the APC that benefited from free access to political space has left no stone unturned in suppressing the PDP and denying it to provide credible opposition in the Country. It is Ironic!

“For the Record, Democracy Day in Nigeria is heralded by the PDP as a day set aside to celebrate the enforcement of the rights of citizens to freely elect their leaders through regular elections and the need to equally promote other democratic principles, as demonstrated through a peaceful change in political leadership of the Country after 16 years of uninterrupted governance by the PDP.

“Yes as a Nation, we may not have enjoyed total democracy but it is sad to note that the current somber atmosphere of the APC suggests bleak 2019 elections outing. God forbid!

“As Nigerians mark the 2nd Anniversary (Mid-term, May 2015 to May 2017) of the APC in power, it is important to once again briefly remind us of the State of Affairs in the Nation as it has plunged the vast majority of the people into this 2 years of despondency, ambiguity, repressed and depressed condition and still ongoing.

“We would have simply wished Nigerians happy celebrations but there is nothing to celebrate from this APC Government which represents confusion in its entirety.

“A Government that formed its Cabinet within 6 months of assumption of office, jokes with the Country’s Annual Budget, led the Africa’s No. 1 Economy into depression, put in place an ambiguous Economic Plan after 2 years in power, and the list is endless.”

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