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US Identifies Measures For Fighting Corruption, Others In Africa

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Mr David Luna, a U.S. Senior Director for National Security and Diplomacy Anti-Crime Programmes, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, has identified measures for fighting corruption and other crimes across Africa.

Luna, who spoke at this year’s Senior Leaders’ Seminar hosted by the
Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS), called for a crackdown on
corruption at all levels.

According to him, illicit trafficking also remains the lifeblood of
the numerous bad actors and networks, creating vulnerabilities for

“We must crackdown on corruption at all levels and cut off the
ability of kleptocrats, criminals, and terrorists to enjoy the fruits
of their illicit enterprise.

“By combating corruption, we can also shut the door and keep violent
extremists from exploiting their grievances to wage jihads. We must
prevent narco-corruption from destroying countries like Guinea and

“In addition to our law enforcement and security cooperation, we also
need to address underlying causes that are contributing to today’s
conflicts and insecurity in Africa,’’ he said.

Luna said that it was imperative for Africa to address her current
challenges of food and water security, poverty, economic integration
and development, and other socio-economic issues.

He said that with careful, targeted assistance, and smart diplomatic
engagement, African countries and the U.S. could jointly advance their
common objectives and strategic interests.

“If we do not act decisively, the region will remain an exporter of
terror and a provider of safe havens where terrorists from other
areas of conflict all over the world find refuge.

“We must continue to leverage all national economic intelligence
and diplomatic powers to make it riskier, harder, and costlier for
threat networks to do business within Africa, and externally.

“We must stay connected and continue to harness our network of
networks at every level – local, regional, and global, to win our fight
against convergence crime,’’ Luna added. (LEADERSHIP)


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