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Passengers panic as smoke engulfs ‘Lagos-bound’ aircraft

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Twitter user, Oriaku Okwesilieze, took to the social media platform on Tuesday to narrate how smoke engulfed an aircraft reportedly travelling from Port Harcourt to Lagos.

Tweeting via @puffypearl, she said, “20 minutes after take off, our aero contractor flight started smoking. For 35 min we were chanting prayers, screaming, panicking”.

She added that “the smoke was so thick we couldn’t see, the blades were sparking”.

Despite the calls for calm by the pilot, she noted that “the smelling and the smoke got thicker”.

Okwesilieze added that officials of the emergency unit of the fire service “were already waiting at the runway” when the plane landed in Lagos.

She also shared a video of the incident on her Twitter page.

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