I will not keep quiet on why Mohbad was hurriedly buried  – Sister-in-law raises fresh alarm


Karimot, a sister-in-law to the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, aka Mohbad, has made fresh claims over his final moments.

She alleged that the circumstances surrounding the death of Mohbad was deep because he met with some people connected to the show in Ikorodu.

In a video on her Instagram handle, Karimot claimed that Mohbad met with these people in a bar 72 hours before his death.

Karimot alleged that the meeting was before the show he performed in Ikorodu.

She urged Nigerians to study the videos of Mohbad during the show in Ikorodu because his unstable behaviour was not due to the influence of hard drugs.

She queried why nobody was talking about this set of people the late singer met shortly before his death.

Asking why Mohbad was hurriedly buried, Karimot said she would never keep quiet over the circumstances surrounding his death.

Karimot urged all Nigerian mothers to stand up and fight, adding that Mohbad will avenge his death.

Karimot states, “I will not keep quiet or be shut up on why they hurriedly buried Mohbad. You are telling me to keep quiet and trying to shut me down. When he died, somebody donated money for them to bury him.

“72 hours before he died, Mohbad went to a bar to drink and eat with the same person, and the person who hosted the show in Ikorodu, did the person reach out to Mohbad’s widow? Please, Nigerians should go back to the video of Mohbad on stage and study his behaviour, he was not under the influence of drugs.

“Mohbad was sceptical about the show, he was reluctant but said he had to go because he had been paid. I will keep asking why was Mohbad buried. Mothers should rise up and fight for justice, you can’t shut me down, before the show he was at the bar, why is nobody talking about the people he was with? Mohbad’s death is very deep but I know he will fight back.