Why Mohbad’s father aggrieved – Iyabo Ojo reveals


Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has claimed that Mr Joseph Aloba, the father of late Nigerian singer and rapper, Mohbad, is aggrieved because Mohbad bought some property in his son, Liam’s name.

The actress disclosed this in an interview with media personality, Daddy Freeze, on Friday.

Ojo, reading the minds of what the singer’s father said, noted that there’s an issue on ground in Mohbad’s family.

According to her, most of the issues and what makes Mohbad’s father aggressive are based on the property and money of the late singer.

She said, “I’ve spoken to Mohbad’s wife. I’ve spoken to Mohbad’s mum. And Mohbad’s dad also called me and told me some things. From what Mohbad’s dad said I know that there’s an issue going on between the dad and the wife’s family.

“He said he would like me to ask Mohbad’s wife’s mother some questions which are personal family questions. Most of it is based on properties and money. And one of it was like… He said to me, ‘I bought my own property with my name so why will Mohbad buy his own property in his son’s name?’ Don’t I think it was shady?

“There’s a property that Mohbad bought in his son’s name.”

Recall that Mr Joseph Aloba, on Wednesday, told the Coroner’s Inquest that his son told him before he died that his mother-in-law had his landed property and others.