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Residents cry out over  dangerous parades of lunatics in Abakailiki metropolises

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Some residents of Abakaliki, the Capital City of Ebonyi State have cried out over the parading of lunatics in the major streets of the City.

The people thereby called on the authorities of government to take urgent steps towards withdrawing the mad people especially those along the major roads stark necked, as this will add more dignity to the capital city of the State.

The nude lunatics who are seen every where in the city became a real eye sore especially places like Ezza Road, Government House and other major streets of Abakaliki.

Meanwhile some concerned citizens who spoke to newsmen said they had called on the state government to remove them from the streets into a special facility for the mentally deranged, or repatriate them to their states of origin.

They, however, warned that care should be taken in this based on the past experiences. The celebrated case comes to mind of one Clifiord OrjI from Imo State who pretended to be a mad man in Lagos, but was Later found to be some one who kills follow human beings for ritual. Also in Suleja, Niger State many years past, a supposedly mad man was caught with human parts, came down to the Abakaliki City.

These are a few out of many cases caused by mad people in the mix society recorded in the country and are the views of some members of residents in Abakaliki.


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