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Empress reacts to accusation of boastfulness

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Nigerian singer Empress Gifty has cleared the air on the trending accusation that she is boastful.

During an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, the singer said the notion that she brags cannot be true.

Empress said, “I don’t brag, I say what I have and that’s not bragging.”

The ‘Jesus Overdo’ hitmaker has been known for showing off her luxurious lifestyle on social media and shooting expensive music videos which creates a lot of commentary in the music industry.

Although, the singer noted, she decided to do that because she is capable.

“I have the money and I shot the video, and the video is classy….”, Empress added.

She also warned social media users who attacks her and her family that they should give her space. “I need to be comfortable on pages, so if you come and disrespect me on there I will put you in your lane.”

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