Man watches TV, calmly calls police after stabbing wife to death


29 year old Mihai Hurmuz-Irimia, had ‘calmly’ called the police after he realized he had killed his wife.

The man who killed his wife identified as Katie Hurmuz-Irimia, 40, was said to be under the influence.

The incident happened during the couple’s anniversary trip to Bournemouth.

A Daily Mail report claims Katie tried to quit the marriage.

‘I think I’ve just killed my wife’ the man said after stabbing his wife multiple times.

The platform reports that in the 20 minute call, Mihai Hurmuz-Irimia can be heard saying he isn’t a ‘danger to anyone, except my wife’ after brutally murdering Katie Hurmuz-Irimia, 40, at their home in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

The 29-year-old killer claimed to call handlers that he had he ‘blacked out’ and his ‘head was like “boom”‘ as he ‘stabbed her, all over the place’.

According to an allegation in court, after killing Katie, the convict showered and watched television before ‘calmly’ making the call to report what he had done.

He has been found guilty following a seven-day trial at Oxford Crown Court and now faces life imprisonment.

The report further claims that he had taken two grams of cocaine on the night of the attack.