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Tinubu reveals exclusion of petrol subsidy removal from inaugural address

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During his visit to France, President Bola Tinubu made a surprising revelation, stating that the issue of petrol subsidy removal was omitted from his inaugural address on May 29. Tinubu attributed this omission to the speechwriters, Dele Alake and Wale Edun, who failed to include the controversial topic in the speech handed to him.

Speaking to Nigerians residing in France on the sidelines of a climate pact summit in Paris, Tinubu shared his experience, stating, “Wale Edun and co. started debating and putting my speech together, but the question of subsidy was left out. However, when I reached the podium, I was filled with courage and declared that the subsidy is gone.”

President Tinubu went on to explain his decision, expressing frustration with the impact of fuel subsidy on the nation. He said, “We are tired of feeding smugglers, enriching a few individuals, and subsidizing neighboring countries. We are conjoined twins with Benin Republic, and the only way to separate from this dependency is by removing the fuel subsidy. Let us see if we can survive without it.”

Despite potential protests, Tinubu challenged the audience, questioning their motives and reminding them of the need to save money for future initiatives. He addressed the importance of unity, stability, and economic justice for Nigeria’s prosperity, emphasizing that the country belongs to all its citizens, regardless of their political affiliations.

President Tinubu acknowledged Nigeria’s challenges in transportation, electricity, infrastructure, and fossil fuel dependency. He expressed determination to tackle these issues, stating, “I am your president, and I will work on your behalf to make Nigeria a turning point for prosperity. We have hope, and with perseverance and determination, we can achieve our desired goals.”

Drawing from his personal experiences abroad, Tinubu shared his journey from humble beginnings to his current position, highlighting the opportunities for success that Nigeria can provide. He urged the audience to believe in their abilities and the potential for growth and development in the country.

President Tinubu’s visit to France served as a platform to address crucial issues and connect with Nigerians abroad. His commitment to addressing challenges and fostering unity resonated with the audience, instilling a sense of hope and determination for a prosperous future.

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