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Power surge triggers fire outbreak, ravaging houses in Kwara

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In a recent incident at No. 11 Gobir compound, Sobi road, Ilorin, Kwara State, a devastating fire broke out due to a power surge at approximately 7:19 PM. The Kwara State Fire Service spokesperson, Hassan Adekunle, confirmed the occurrence, highlighting that the prompt response of the firemen prevented the fire from engulfing the remaining five flats in the building.

According to Adekunle, the fire outbreak, caused by a power surge, resulted in the destruction of five flats. The estimated value of the property consumed by the inferno was approximately N14.6 million. Fortunately, the fire service was able to salvage property worth an estimated N62.4 million.

Mrs. Abibat, upon witnessing the incident, immediately contacted the Kwara State Fire Service for assistance. Responding swiftly, the firefighting team arrived at the scene and initiated firefighting operations to suppress the flames and halt the fire’s progression. Through the utilization of specialized equipment and effective firefighting techniques, the diligent fire service personnel successfully brought the situation under control.

Despite the unfortunate damage caused to the five flats, the fire service’s exceptional performance minimized the overall impact. Thanks to their efforts, the other flats in the building, along with numerous valuable possessions, were spared from the scorching flames.

Prince Falade Olumuyiwa, the director of Kwara State Fire Service, urged citizens to adopt preventive measures to mitigate the risk of fire outbreaks in their homes. One crucial safety measure he emphasized was switching off electrical appliances before bedtime. Implementing this simple habit can significantly reduce the chances of fire incidents occurring.


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