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Bode George open to working with Tinubu administration – PDP 

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In a surprising turn of events, Chief Olabode George, the former deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed his willingness to work with President Bola Tinubu’s administration if invited. This statement comes as a significant departure from George’s longstanding adversarial stance towards Tinubu. Speaking to journalists in his office in Ikoyi, George emphasized that he holds no personal grudges against the president.

When asked about the possibility of serving the country under the current administration, George responded, “There is nothing personal. Look, I trained in the military. You know in the military whoever is in the trench next to you is your brother. If he comes and says, ‘Let’s work together in the interest of this country,’ why would I refuse? This nation also trained me.” He further highlighted his military background, expressing his commitment to contributing to the betterment of Nigeria and positively impacting the younger generation.

Reflecting on the PDP’s loss in the 2023 general election, George attributed it to the party’s leaders marginalizing certain regions of the country. He criticized the approach of dividing Nigeria into six geopolitical zones, with each zone vying for a top position in the country. According to George, this approach perpetuates the majority-minority divide, where certain regions always secure the benefits while others remain marginalized. He contrasted this with the PDP’s initial intention to rotate positions between the North and the South after a specific period. George pointed out that the APC, which initially rejected zoning, eventually adopted it by appointing key positions from specific regions.

George lamented the consequences of disregarding the South West region and failing to include it in the party’s calculations. He emphasized the need for inclusivity and equal representation to avoid alienating any region. The former deputy national chairman expressed his concerns about the decisions made within his party and the repercussions they had in the election.


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