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Governor Bala explains why he dropped deputy for second term

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Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed recently revealed the main reason behind his decision to drop his deputy, Senator Baba Tela, in his bid for a second term. According to Governor Mohammed, it was a matter of political permutations and not a personal disagreement. He emphasized that Senator Baba Tela remains a close friend and brother.

Instead, Governor Mohammed selected Hon Mohammed Auwal Jatau as his running mate for the March 18, 2023 election, and together they emerged victorious in the 2023 general election. During a valedictory session with his cabinet members in Bauchi, the governor expressed his deep appreciation for Senator Baba Tela, even though they will no longer be working together. He attributed the change to political considerations.

Addressing the entire cabinet, Governor Mohammed reiterated that he had personally chosen each member based on merit and their representation of their respective local government areas. He acknowledged their contributions to his administration’s success and assured them that they remained an integral part of the government.

The governor further emphasized that governance often involves changes and transitions, but he held no grudges against anyone. He regarded all the cabinet members as essential to the government’s progress, which began in 2018/2019. Governor Mohammed expressed confidence that the government would continue to thrive and predicted that by 2027, one of the cabinet members might even succeed him as the governor.


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