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15 confirmed dead in Sokoto boat mishap at Shagari dam

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In a tragic event that has left the Sokoto community in mourning, 15 people have been confirmed dead following a boat mishap at the Shagari Dam. The incident occurred as the occupants of the boat were crossing the dam through Lambara village to Shagari, and the ill-fated boat capsized.

Eye-witness Salman Kajiji, a resident of Illela Dabore, a nearby village to the accident, recounted the frequency of such incidents due to the Dam’s establishment in 2006 by the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo. Salman noted that “the dam is becoming a cause to the communities rather than a blessing considering lives lost annually due to boat mishaps, which is their only means of transport.”

So far, 11 males and 4 females have been recovered, but there are fears that more casualties may be found as the search continues. The chairman of Shagari local government, Aliyu Abubakar, confirmed the incident and stated that the bodies of the victims are being prepared for burial.

It is worth noting that a similar boat accident occurred last year, claiming the lives of about 30 people, mostly women and children, from Gidan Magna village. Despite repeated calls for the state government to provide motorized boats and life jackets, nothing has been done to prevent such occurrences.

The tragic incident highlights the urgent need for the Sokoto State government to take measures to improve the safety of communities that depend on boat transportation. The provision of motorized boats and life jackets could help reduce the number of boat accidents and prevent further loss of lives.

The Sokoto community is mourning the loss of 15 lives in a tragic boat mishap at Shagari Dam. With similar incidents occurring yearly, the state government must take swift action to prevent future occurrences by providing life jackets and motorized boats for safer transportation.

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