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Judge orders arrest of prosecutor over fake warrant

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Justice Halima Ibrahim Abdulmalik, the Chief Judge of Niger State, has ordered the arrest and removal of a police prosecutor, Mohammed Shaibu, from a Magistrate Court in Izom, Gurara local government area of the state. The prosecutor unlawfully incarcerated one Suleiman Musa with a fake detention warrant at the Suleja Custodial Centre. This incident has raised concerns about the state of Nigeria’s judicial system and the need for proper legal procedures.

According to the preliminary findings, the prosecutor incarcerated the suspect for two months at the centre with a warrant unknown to the presiding magistrate, Evelyn Ibrahim. This indicated that the warrant was fake and the remand order was not given by the presiding magistrate. The warrant on which Musa was detained was not signed by the presiding magistrate, and it was discovered that the prosecutor acted wrongly.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the presiding magistrate had never arraigned the man in her court, and the remand warrant was believed to have been forged. Justice Halima Abdulmalik asked the police prosecutor, Inspector Mohammed of the Magistrate Court, to explain how the warrant was executed to the extent of detaining the suspect for months. However, Inspector Shaibu was unable to give a satisfactory answer, and the chief judge ordered his arrest.

Justice Halima Ibrahim Abdulmalik also directed the chief registrar of the state judiciary to query a magistrate in Minna for sending adults to the juvenile facility instead of the correctional centre. The magistrate had sent convicts who were 23 years and above to the remand home in Minna, which raised concerns. About three adults were kept at the juvenile facility even when they were ordered to be sent to the correctional centre.

The incident has highlighted the need for proper legal procedures in Nigeria and the importance of ensuring that the judicial system is functioning effectively. The Chief Judge’s actions demonstrate that any misconduct will not be tolerated and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions.

The arrest and removal of the police prosecutor and the directive to query the magistrate in Minna are significant steps in the right direction towards ensuring that justice is served in Niger State. It is essential to have a transparent and accountable judicial system that protects the rights of all individuals and ensures that justice is served. Keywords: Niger State, Chief Judge, police prosecutor, fake warrant, legal procedures, judicial system, correctional centre, remand home, Suleiman Musa

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