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Benue lady delivers 40-months pregnancy

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A lady in Benue community has reportedly delivered a 3-year and 4-month pregnancy.

The young lady identified as Maria who hails from Ipole Owukpa in Ogbadibo Local Government Area reportedly got pregnant in 2019 but gave birth in January 2023.

A Facebook user, Cento Cley quoted a local online news platform as say, “One of the family members who spoke with Owucity while praising God almighty amid jubilation for the successful delivery said, ” We have been on this and on prayers since but God has proved to us and to the world that he is indeed a great God” he Said.

“Another person who Communicated with us, also said that, “The reasons for overdue of the said pregnancy might be because God almighty had destined that child for a particular purpose on earth and hence the need to cook the child very well from his mother’s womb and ahead of any danger or worldly problem, the person summarize that, God intentionally cooked the child in her mother’s womb for a purpose”, he said.

The source said mother and the baby girl are hail and hearty.

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