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Place Emefiele on Global Terrorism Watchlist – Group urges int’l communities

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A group, National Coalition for Security and Anti-Terrorism (NACOFSA) has raised the alarm that the embattled Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr. Godwin Emefiele is seeking asylum in the United Kingdom as part of ploy to run away from ongoing terrorism indictment by the Department of State Services.

The group who spoke to newsmen in Kaduna called on the international communities to place Emefiele on the Global Terrorism Watchlist as the allegations were too weighty to be shelved.

It was contained in a release forwarded to AFRIPOST on wednesday.

The group led by its National Convener, Comrade Peter Katuka, National Organizing Secretary, Mr Ikenye Chukwuka and others including Comrade Isaiah Uba Makoshi and Mr Aondo Ali as co-conveners in Kaduna, stressed that it was more saddening since the CBN governor has failed to offer any explanation to the allegation but instead has chosen to play to the gallery.

“The allegations of terrorism financing by the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Dr. Godwin Emefiele, left us with a shock like every other Nigerian, when it hit the stable of public opinion in December, 2022.

“More worrisome is the fact that no deliberate answers and explanations have been offered by the accused, rather different groups and organizations have offered themselves as willing tools to play to the gallery of political endorsement and unnecessary solidarity with the accused, Emefiele.

“The alleged offences being investigated revolve around terrorism which falls under the purview of offences categorized as capital offences in Section 66 of the Terrorism Prevention and Prohibition Act, 2022 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And if we are referring to deals where it is alleged that somebody highly placed as the Central Bank of Nigeria is funding or has a link to enemies of Nigeria. Nigeria should come first irrespective of whoever is involved.

“So in this regard, the law is no respecter of persons and shouldn’t be a respecter of persons and as concerned citizens of Nigeria, we will not be calm. We cannot, as a group, sit and watch the State Security Service (SSS), which has been a frontline security intelligence proprietor in this country to be arm twisted from carrying out its responsibilities, by elements who are riding on the instrumentality of government in one way or the other.

“There is still an avenue to ventilate their view, which is the global scene. It is in this vein that we have perfected arrangement to carry out a protest on the 18th of January in Central London, United Kingdom, to call on the international community to beam its search light on Dr. Godwin Emefiele and all who may be indicted in these allegations and put them on the global terrorism watch list.

“Nigeria belongs to all of us. We cannot turn a blind eye to allegations of this magnitude. We all agree that the country is not as safe as we want it to be and if a renowned security apparatus of the government fingers anyone as being behind the palpable unrest in the country, it is only proper that it should be given requisite attention.

“Meanwhile, we must remember that this is a case that is ongoing and there is presumption of innocence, and nobody has been condemned or found guilty. Only the guilty are afraid. If Emefiele has no skeleton in his cupboard, why would he stop an organisation saddled with the responsibility of maintaining internal security from carrying out their duties?

“This we deem a calculated attempt to put a clog in the wheel of progress in terms of security of Nigeria. And as far as we are concerned, security is key. Emefiele should hence, gracefully avail himself by making information available that may aid the investigations.

“Without much ado, we are determined more than ever before, and we are using this opportunity to pass a vote of confidence on the leadership on the Department of State Service (DSS) and in the same vein applaud the Director-General, Mr Yusuf Bichi for his pivotal and proactive role to stem the tide of insecurity in Nigeria.”

“We want to assure the DSS that no stone will be left unturned. We also want to encourage them to be undaunted despite the several setbacks that may arise in the course of their investigations while we take this battle to the global front.”

“We also want to call on President Muhammadu Buhari, to make a bold statement on the issue on ground as Nigerians and the international community are watching and taking notes of the development as it unveils further.” The group stated.

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