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G-5 endorsement: I went to enjoy myself, no meeting with anyone – Wike

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Nyesom Wike, the Rivers State Governor has denied meeting with Bola Tinubu in the United Kingdom, saying that the viral media report about his meeting with the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidate was one those media lies.

Governor Wike who questioned the report while addressing a crowd in Port Harcourt, Rivers State said those who claimed he held a meeting with Tinubu should provide the video or audio tape to prove their story right.

Wike said he does whatever he wants to do, hence he couldn’t be hiding when having a meeting with an individual. He said some media platforms are running for an election, the reason they speculate falsehood, urging his supporters to relax as he would communicate appropriately when the time is ripe.

The governor boasted that he cannot be suspended, threatening that whoever suspends him will have a serious problem.

He warned Atiku and his supporters to leave the G-5 alone and face their campaign since they already believe they can win the election without the governors.

He faulted the media, saying people just speculate falsehood and not facts.

“They said I had consultation with the BBC. Where is the video, where is the picture? You know these days we don’t have journalists again, we have pressmen. You see people not been able to give out correct information to people.

“You see newspaper houses that are now running elections. You see television houses now standing for election. Wike had interview with BBC, Wike said we had a deal with so, so and so so. Meanwhile, no video, no voice anything. And some of you waste your time to listen to such things. Don’t you know that when I want to do something, I will do it. Don’t you know?

“You don’t need to speculate. They say there is troible. There is no trouble. We want to have the introduction to the trouble that will come. Assuming there was a meeting. What is your problem? Has Atiku not been having meetings with governors of APC? Ask him. As he is in Dubai, don’t yiu know what is going on?

“So why do you bother about us, the G-5 you said you can win election without us. Leave us alone. Leave us alone. Focus on your problems.”

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