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Abia 2023: PDP-led administration failed Abia people – APC candidate

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Engr Ejike Chukwu, the House of Assembly candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Umunneochi constituency seat at the Abia State House of Assembly in the coming 2023 general elections, on Monday, blamed successive administrations controlled by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party for the past twenty years on the worsening dilapidation and downfall in Infrastructure and economy of the state.

He regretted that Abia is bedeviled by decadence of road Infrastructure, increased rate of unemployment, and complete power outage which has subjected the rural and urban areas across many parts of the state to total darkness, insisting that the ruling PDP government in the state has failed in all indices of governance to justify the mandates entrusted to her by the Abia electorates since Nigeria’s assumption of the present democratic rule till date.

Engr. Chukwu bared his mind in a statement on Monday in Umuahia, on the background of his recent assessment on the level of economic and infrastructural development in Abia State since assumption of present democratic rule in Nigeria.

The APC candidate harped on the important need for the elected public or political office holders in the state and the country to place interests of the people above selfish personal aggrandisements, and work towards enhancing the general welfare of the populaces in the state and the country.

“We blame the Government for everything we suffer today; bad roads, electricity, unemployment, etc.

“Who are the Government and who gave them power? What’s power meant for if not to develop our land,” he queried.

Continuing, Mr Chukwu maintained, “We all want a better life but never occurred to many we are the change we seek. Let’s forget about party differences, temporary gains, and look beyond party lined for the sake of our generation”.

“As engineers, we are taught to present is the key to past. Our choices yesterday brought us to this point. Change can only come by not making the same old choice.

“The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is nothing but the choices they make daily which is the greatest power and gift to mankind.

“As Christian, we are taught about the power to choose life or death. Let’s all be a blessing to our generation by choosing wisely,” the party chieftain advised.

Chukwu further used the medium to solicit electorates in Abia State to rally around and vote for him in the coming general elections in 2023, assuring that he possessed the requisite capacity, ability, and needed the competence to rebuild Umunneochi state constituency and make it out dream land.

Words: “Get your PVC, vote your conscience, support and sensitize people around you. Together we can rebuild Umunneochi and make it our dream land. A good seed will always produce good fruit”.

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