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Fulani herdsmen not responsible for killing in my community – Umueri President, Metchie

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The President General (PG) of Umueri community in Anambra State, Ambassador Chief Johnny Chukwudi Metchie, has condemned a video being circulated on social media with allegations that Fulani herdsmen killed a man in his domain.

In a press statement he personally signed Thursday night and sent to the media, Chief Metchie warned those spreading the false information, especially one man identified as Delight, to desist from such unwholesome acts that he said had the potency to provoke hatred between Umueri and Fulani community.

Metchie, a United Nations Peace Ambassador and Africa’s Director, International Association of World Peace Advocates, also warned that perpetrators of fake news like the one being spread by Delight would be made to face the full weight of the law, if they fail to desist from such unpatriotic acts.

Chief Metchie said that the focus of his administration as the PG of Umueri has been how to maintain peaceful relationship between his community and its neighbours, including people of other tribes and religions.

He said- “I just got information of a false and damaging video making the rounds on social media, alleging that Fulani herdsmen were responsible for the killing of a man in my community.

“The false information was shared by one person named DELIGHT and that prompted this message.

“Please, disregard every information from that fellow claiming that the man was killed by Fulani men because, our preliminary investigation and that of the Police, which led to a confession by one of the killers apprehended by Umueri vigilante men has revealed that the man WAS NOT killed by the Fulani herdsmen.

“Anyone who was part of the chase, arrest and interrogation of the arrested criminal would have gotten the true story behind the gruesome murder on Umueri land.

“But instead of waiting for the confirmed report from the people who are handling the case, someone chose to act silly, with the aim of provoking a crisis between Igbos and the Fulanis in Igboland. This is unacceptable.

“To the man called DELIGHT and others like him- I say, stop spreading fake news and hate speech. This is because we have the evidence to prove that Fulani herdsmen are not the ones that killed the man.

“But, if you must continue to spread this false information, bear in mind that you will be held responsible and handed over to the Police, if your false information leads to any crisis between Igbos and the Fulanis anywhere in the Omambala region,” Chief Metchie concluded.

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