Russia says Finland, Sweden joining NATO has ‘far-reaching consequences’

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov - REUTERS

Sergei Ryabkov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, on Monday said that moves by Finland and Sweden to join the NATO military alliance, is a mistake that would have far-reaching consequences.

This is coming on the heel of Russian invasion of Ukraine with tens of thousands of troops on Feb. 24.

“The situation is, of course, changing radically in light of what is happening,” the Interfax news agency quoted Ryabkov as saying. “The fact that the security of Sweden and Finland will not be strengthened as a result of this decision is very clear to us.

“They should have no illusions that we will simply put up with it,” Ryabkov said.

“The general level of military tension will rise, predictability in this sphere will decrease. It is a shame that common sense is being sacrificed to some phantom provision about what should be done in this unfolding situation,” Ryabkov said.

NATO and the United States said on Sunday they were confident Turkey would not hold up membership of the two Nordic states in the Western military alliance.




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