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Polygamy: Many women haven’t felt orgasm before – Catholic priest

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A Catholic priest, Reverend Fr Kelvin Ugwu has lamented the injustice done to women by men who prefer to marry more than one wife, describing them as very selfish.

Fr Kelvin said they are selfish because they wouldn’t allow women who have not even enjoyed their marriage for once to have a second husband.

Kelvin argued that the only time a polygamist would be considered selfless is when they allow their partner to marry another husband.

The clergy lamented that even though most married women have never reached orgasm, they are patiently in the marriage, but that polygamists in their selfish way would want many wives.

Afripost.ng recalls that Yul Edochie’s announcement of a second wife and a son has generated reactions across Nigeria and has raised fresh questions on the practice of polygamy in Nigeria and by extension Africa.

In a post on his verified Facebook page, Kelvin wrote: “I see polygamists as the most selfish people on earth. The only time you can convince me to even start looking at polygamous men as less selfish is if they will also allow their women to practice polyandry.

“Nobody has the monopoly of exploring and enjoying different-sex partners, there are lots of married women that have not even known what orgasm feels like and there are those that are bored with one man…they too can have three to four husbands to satisfy them, since we all want to be mad.

“Instead of people to start looking for how to deal with their inability to control their sex organs and hormones they are looking for bible passages to hold on to. Go and ask Solomon, even with 700 wives and 300 concubines, e no still do am, he was still looking for the queen of Sheba.”

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