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Prove IPOB, MASSOB wrong by Zone APC, PDP tickets to Southeast – Igbo youths

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The apex Socio-cultural youths organization of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide, Ohanaeze Youth Council (OYC) has challenged Nigerian government and Nigerians to use Nigeria’s president of Southeast extraction in the forthcoming 2023 election to prove IPOB and MASSOB wrong in their quest for secession.

The Igboayaka O. Igboayaka-led Ohanaeze youth, in a statement issued to AFRIPOST on Tuesday, charged the federal government and Nigerians in general to “prove to the Igbo new generation that Southeast is also a part of Nigeria, by ceding APC and PDP presidential tickets to the region.

“Since after the war, beginning from 1970 up until now, no Southeasterner has ever become the president of Nigeria, whether military or civilian. It is this magnitude of Injustice and Marginalization that makes pro Biafrans groups conclude that they are not part of the country.

“By exactly 2023, it be will be 53 years of a successful conspiracy to deny a Southeasterner the opportunity of becoming the president of Nigeria.

But, this is a golden opportunity for all political stakeholders in Nigeria to prove IPOB and MASSOB wrong by ceding presidential tickets of both APC, PDP and other Frontline political parties to Southeast”, OYC advised.

On Atiku Abubakar’s recent declaration alongside other Northern and Southwest aspirants, Ohanaeze youths, noted explicitly that, “the likes of Atiku Abubakar, AminuTambuwal Rabiu Kwankwaso, Bala Mohammed, Bokula Saraki, Bola Tinubu, Dele Mamodu, Nyeso Wike, are the real gangs of Separatist groups that are obviously threatening the Peace and Unity of Nigeria.

“Those who work against justice, fairness and equity have no business to talk about Nigeria’s unity and peace, because any attempt to deny Southeastern APC and PDP presidential tickets is a clear indication of deliberate injustice and unfairness against the Igbo nation and it’s capable of disrupting Nigeria’s Unity”, the youth group stated.

Furthermore, OYC  restated that the long desired unity of the country could be obtainable through strict adherence to the president of Southeast extraction 2023 project, describing same as the only possible means of reconciliation and reintegration of every aggrieved pro-Biafrans into Nigeria political project.

It said, “Nigeria can regain its path to national co-existance only if those clamouring for indivisibility of Nigeria as an Anthem will also sing the song of Justice, Fairness, and Equity by embracing Nigeria president of Southeast extraction 2023 as a project of reconciliation, rehabilitation, reintegration, that will reintegrates every aggrieved pro-Biafrans and other maltreatment ethnic Nationalities.

“No man pushes a man and at the same time shows him were to fall, for 53 years, the new generation of Igbo extraction have been pushed, rejected, maltreatment, marginalized. It was this dehumanization that  prompted many groups to begin to agitate for secession. Now, it’s left for political

and religion leaders to prove to Pro- Biafrans whether they’re wrong or right. Because the two options before Nigerians is either to allow Southeast to be part of Nigeria, with Nigeria president of Southeast extraction 2023, or allow Southeast not to be part of Nigeria by granting the call for Self-determination.

“These two options are inevitable in this our digital time; the time of technology. The Nigeria political Actors must rise now to resist the repeat of incident that lasted from 1966 to 1970. No Country can be prosperous under a violent atmosphere.

“Nigeria must learn her lesson from the past event, you can’t deny Southeast right for self-determination and at the same time deny them right to produce the Nigeria next president expect peace and Unity. For peace and unity to prevail, Southeast should for once be given the mantle of leadership in the country”,OYC concluded.


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