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Pro-democracy group worries over Nnamdi Kanu’s condition, says continued confinement violates his rights

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A pro-democracy, Global Initiatives For Good Governance (GIGG), has lamented the worsening state of affairs in Nigeria and as well as the continuous incarceration of the leader of the Indigeneous People of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at the facility of the Department of State Service (DSS).

This is coming against the backdrops of the arrest and extradition of the leader of the Indigeneous Peoples of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in Kenya, in a combined operation between the Kenyan intelligence agency and operatives of the Nigeria’s Department of State Services, and subsequently extradited to the country.

Recall that Nigeria government, had dragged Kanu before Justice Binta Murtala-Nyako led FCT High court, in Abuja, on charges of treasonable felony, and was however remanded at the facility of the nation’s secret agency.

While expressing worries on the heigthening tension posed by the latter’s long incarceration in the southeast, the Global Initiatives For Good Governance, in a statement by the Director General, Chief Emeka Kalu, and forwarded to AFRIPOST on Sunday, regretted that embattled Kanu has been languishing in DSS solitary confinement for no justifiable reasons, opining that his  continued stay in confinement violates his human rights as a person.

According to the non governmental organization, “his health is fast deterioriating and wearing one clothings night and day in violation of court order that asked his custodians to ensure he puts on a new fabrics. El-zalzaky and his wife had been freed from detention under the large Camapign of Mazi Kanu who always stands on the side of justice and till date, they are living and enjoying fresh air inspite of whatever health related crisis sustained during their detention”.

“Kanu in his agitation requested for a referendum to determine and test the strength of his people to either support or oppose the Independence of Biafra from Nigeria state. Agitation for referendum is not a call for war or division of a country but drives geared towards determining whether it is proper for a given set of people to continue remain as a citizens of a country or the opposite. This demand is not only justifiable but still exists within his constitutional right”.

The GIGG posited that it amounted to hypocrisy and undue treatment to release successionist agitators from other part of the coujtry canvassing for the same agenda and frowned at the yearnings of others to secure freedom.

The pro-democracy group, also insisted that Kanu is never the problem of the country rather Nigeria challenges are failures of Leadership arising from polluted system, corruption and prebendalistic tendencies, opining  that time is now for the federal government and all well meaning Nigerians to reflect on the things capable of redeeming Nigeria back, as old giant of Africa legacy.

The GIGG, therefore, called for Kanu’s undelayed and unconditional release to enable him enjoy his inalienable rights in a country that not only professed human rights but also puts them into judicial practice, and further submitted that the latter’s unconditional freedom will save Nigeria from political decay and lopsidedness.

Parts of the GIGG’s statement read, “Nigeria today is battling with bribery and corruption on the part of government officials where billions of naira  are being  diverted  on daliy basis and nothing has been meaningfully done to recover those looted funds. Past and present governors of some States have nearly dried up their state treasuries out of shere greed and selfishness. This country from corruption index rate of misappropriated funds had lost over 5trillion naira from 2007 to 2020 and there is no termites any where siphoning  the treasury apart from Nigeria politicians who were elected into offices to serve and develop the country. The government is expected to concentrate on feasible undertakings capable of transforming Nigeria than cruelly manhandling her citizens who speak out against the bad system.

“The government of the day  should be much concerned on the things that can positively touch the lives of Nigerians  than gathering her full energy on how best to ensure those who agitate for transformations are caged. Much is seriosuly expected in the area of re strengthening our electoral system in lines with the qualities of democracy obtainable in the civilized society. Attention of the government on the Nigeria energy sectors is of paramount importance considering the management  inbalance exprrienced in the production, regulations and distributions of petroleum products in Nigeria”.

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