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National Roaming: NCC recommends 3GPP format in billing, Call Data Record verification [FULL DOCUMENT]

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The Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC) has recommended 3GPP format in billing and Call Data Record(CDR) verification to be configured, tested and signed off on or before the commencement of roaming.

The recommendation was contained in new guidelines on national roaming issued recently by the commission and made available to newsmen.

The billing and Call Data verification as found in Part III under “Technical Provisions” of the policy document stated that, “The format for billing and Call Data Record (CDR) verification shall be configured, tested and signed off on or before the commencement of Roaming. In this regard, 3GPP format is recommended”.

The Commission also said that “The Home Network shall, as much as possible, support existing models for charging such as prepaid/postpaid, on-net/off-net, MO/MT, per volume/time for data, in addition to pre-agreed terms with Roaming partner and verified tests.

“The charges shall be based on the following considerations – (a) Outgoing (i) On –line (Prepaid) (ii) Off-line post-paid (b) Incoming (i) On–line (Prepaid) (ii) Off-line post-paid (c) MT & MO for VAS, SMS, etc. (d) End of Call Notifications.

“The following MO and MT tests scenario for both post-paid and prepaid among others are to be carried out with CDR verification and signed off – (a) Roamer to Roamer (Home Network) (b) Roamer to Home Network (c) Roamer to other Network (d) Roamer to Visited Network (e) International Outgoing Calls (f) International Incoming Calls (g) Unclassified MT & MO Calls (h) VAS Outgoing (i) VAS Incoming (j) Special number calling (k) Emergency and other non-chargeable calls Page | 14 (l) SMS MT & MT (m) Data session”.

See the full policy document below:

Guidelines on National Roaming in Nigeria 2021 Guidelines on National Roaming in Nigeria 2021


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