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#OgbadiboDecide2019: Group Advocates For Credible Candidate



Group under the aegis of Owukpa Emancipation Forum, an assemblage of Owukpa intelligentsias, young men and women of like minds, both at home and diaspora, whose major pursuit was to see that because the world is a global village, Owukpa community should also development as a result of underdevelopment, has urged the people to support credible candidates in the forthcoming Ogbadibo local government elections.

Owukpa as one of the three communities that make up Ogbadibo Local Government Area (LGA), consist of of two large districts: Itabono and Ehaje.

Politically, Owukpa was grouped into four wards which include: Itabono Ward l and ll and Ehaje Ward l and ll respectively.

Over the years, for purpose of peaceful coexistence among the districts and wards (the people), elders, and stakeholders has deemed it fit to organize the process by adopting a unique fornula called ‘internal zoning system.’

As an age long tradition, such arrangement has metamorphosed to a kind of norm used in allocating political and Traditional chief title positions. These zoning system encompasses the method of selecting the community traditional head called (Onomo), ward leaders (Edemalu/ Onagene) and the likes.

Above all, the crux of the matter is to bring development close to the locality.

But the question Owukpa Youth Emancipation keeps meditating since the permutations by the political gladiators is, which district has enjoyed the chunks of the position and which are the marginalized over the years?

…These brought us to the fore on the Origin of Zoning and Realities of the Situation

Unveiling The Nitty-gritty of Owukpa Internal Zoning

Historically, Owukpa Youth Emancipation gathered that Elected positions in Ogbadibo precisely, the Zoning in Owukpa community (among the people) in ogbadibo Local Government (LGA) was said to begins during the period of Late Augustine Ojobo, from Itabono Ward ll (1991), Mr. Clement Agada, from Ehaje Ward l (2008-2010) , Hon. Joseph Ojobo ( Vice Chairman), from Itabono Ward ll (2004-2006) respectively.

Revealed that Hon. Ijiga Okoh, ( the Caretaker Chairman), from Ehaje Ward ll (2011-2012), whose time in power has collaborated with government and stakeholders to bring electricity and construction of agricultural road to part of the community was the only tangible development benefited by the people since the era of the internal zoning ever cried .

Hon. Adoyi Omale, from Itabono Ward ll (2012), and currently, Hon. Prince Onuh, from Ehaje Ward l (2019).

It follows that those who were elected member(s) of State House of Assembly has Hon. Sylvester Idu Agbo, who did just one tenure as a result of mutual understanding of internal zoning formula, from Ehaje ll (1999-2003), with  Hon. Joseph Ojobo, who paddled his way to break tradition did two tenure, from Itabono Ward ll (2011-2019).

Other state government appointees are: Dr. Christopher Obute, Finance Commissioner from Ehaje Ward l (1999-2007), Dr.Godwin Emmanuel Oyiwona, Honorable Commissioner, Benue State Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology from Itabono Ward ll (2019).

While the ruling party chairmen has, Mr. Mathew Achanya, from Ehaje (Ward ll), and Hon. Vincent Amuche from Itabono (Ward l) respectively.

Owukpa Youth Emancipation observed from the above analysis, which unequivocally proved that internal zoning was in practice except for a few lapses.

It is pertinent to note that zoning arrangement in Owukpa was to promote spirit of togetherness, progress, even development, harmony and peaceful co-existence, in order to give everyone a sense of belonging and inclusiveness.

The need to balance political positions and not to jam-pack in a district for purpose of spreading development across the community, ogbadibo at large.

It may be a setback for the people not thinking as brothers, if an individual, ward, or district so interested in power which is against the core value of Owukpa ancestors.

Time have come for show of love and spirit of togetherness rather than indulge in sectionalism which is the bane of our continued detention in underdevelopment if we fail to elect the right person(s) while chasing ‘our turn.

Comrade Dickson Agbo, the coordinator of Owukpa Youth Emancipation Forum, writes from Aho-Ogbo in Owukpa.

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