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Exams Malpractice: Poly Ibadan Destroys Students’ Phones Worth Over N15m



In a bid to curb examination malpractices, the management of The Ibadan Polytechnic has destroyed mobile phones seized from students during examination worth over N15 million.

The school management restated its plan towards curbing examination malpractices and enforcing discipline in the school.

The institution’s Deputy Rector, Bayo Oyeleke, while addressing journalists at the Ibadan campus, said the authorities have resolved to ensure that the examinations of the Polytechnic were sacred.

Oyelere said the school authorities have ordered the mobile phones confiscated from the students during examination be set on fire, all of which were burnt to ashes at the school premises on Wednesday.

According to him, the phones worth millions of naira were recovered from the students during examination in the school and that the school has decided to burn the phones to restate its commitment to fight examination malpractices to the barest level.

“We are here to take further action on our resolved to ensure that the crop of students and product being produced by the school are students with exemplary character and are those who really work and worth the certificate of the institution,” he said.

He reiterated that there were rules guiding the school examination and that any student that goes against any of the rules will be made to dance to the music.

“There are rules guiding the principles of our examinations and one of it is that no student under whatever guise should come into the examination hall with cell phones but you know that some students are very recalcitrant

“We have resolved to confiscate them because it has been expressly stated on their examination paper that any phone found on any students during examination shall be confiscated and in order not to allow any of the phones to filter out, the school has resolved that such phones shall be burnt,” he said.



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