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‘Nigerians Must Embrace Growth Mindset To Succeed’



The Head of Service, Lagos State, Mrs. Folasade Adesoye said, there is the need for people to understand the concept of change mindset as well as the need to continuously influence the mindsets of people from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset that embraces creativity and innovation.

Speaking at the inauguration of Alausa Personnel Practitioners Consultative Association (PPCA) in Lagos, Adesoye stressed that the progressives are always interested in things that can make them succeed, stating that this inauguration is in continuous growth and development of the administration and human resource cadre in the state public service.

She added that this also shows the commitment of the Lagos State public service to professionalism and best practices, particularly at the dawn of the emergence of Lagos as a Smart City.

She said: “It is not only apt and timely but also resonates perfectly with the goal of the Lagos State Public Service as part of its effort at strengthening its reform agenda and intensifying a re-orientation strategy to prepare for the onerous task of steering Lagos State into the Smart City status.”

Therefore, beyond the rhetoric, backslapping and clinking of glasses, she said, it is important that, individually and collectively, members recognise the enormity of the responsibilities that they have accepted as members of the foremost professional body of Human Resource Management professionals.

“You must observe your role as leading lights in the practice of modern HR, the consistency required of the ethics, ethos and standards of your profession as well as compliance expected of you, publicly and privately, with respect to the strict codes of conduct of your profession,” she emphasized.

The chairman, Chattered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), Lagos, Mrs. Chidinma Obiejesi stressed that being the first state to facilitate the professionalisation of its administration and HR department and registration of its administrative staff with the institute, members look forward to the State to also be the first to recognize the CIPM certification for employment, promotion and upgrade in the Lagos state public service scheme.

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