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NUJ 2018:  Our Message To Eligible Voters – YICO



Spokesperson for Yemi Itodo Campaign Organisation (YICO), Jane Ibe has on Thursday issued a hope reassuring message to National Union of Journalists’ (NUJ) eligible voters ahead of the union’s FCT Chapter chairmanship election.

Ibe, who was soliciting for the union supports for the chairmanship aspirant, Yemi Itodo in the message made it clear to the eligible voters that ‘silver or gold’ they have non to give them but assured them of taking the union to enviable heights if Itodo is considered for the position.

“Silver or gold we have not. But we come with a message of new direction, message of hope and transformation.

“We don’t have money and may not have strong institutions backing us, but we have God and the goodwill of the electorate, which for us, are more than enough.

“The electorate know those who have stood for the union in the past and those with requisite qualities to catapult the union to enviable heights.

“They are well informed about those who posse the charisma, the adroitness, the sagacity and dexterity to put the union on global map.

“At times like this, the electorate won’t vote for money, but would rather go for those who have diplomatic ties with foreign envoys and international organizations, that can attract foreign training and greater opportunities for Nigerian Journalists irrespective of any form of affiliation or connection.

“Aspirants who have the assurance of partnering with European Union, the British Council and the UN agencies to inculcate best global practices in the pen profession.

“Our distinguished voters are also of the knowledge, of those who have the connection to push for good and people oriented policies of Nigerian government for the conducive environment to practice hitchfree journalism.

“They are aware of those who have working relationship with the leadership of Nigeria Police, the DSS, Army and other agencies that will bring it to bear with fellow Journalists, for nation-building and respect for the fundamental rights of Journalists.

“What about those who can go extra miles to stake their lives to protest inhumane treatments, arrests and harassment of Journalists by the security agencies until they are released? The two recent experiences of the arrest and detention of Jones Abiri and Samuel Ogundipe of Premium Times and those who stood for them and intervened with the security, will serve as testimonials for those who will stand and protect members of union if elected.

“Voters at the Saturday’s congress are also aware that, it’s not about what one can offer now, but those who will stand and fight for their rights, safety and welfare. Those who posse the temerity to interface with media entrepreneurs and insist that worker’s salaries are paid as at when due. Those who will intervene to ensure that adequate staff trainings are given, entitlements and other staff emoluments are not withheld.

“At times like this, the well enlightened voters know that, not money, but the personalities who would return the chapel to place of reckoning, where, like other Correspondent Chapel across the federation, FCT chapter will be boast of having well-furnished executive office with staff and operational vehicles.

“The electorate also know, from the antecedents of the contestants, those who have the foresight and the vision-driven purposeful direction to inculcate the principles of new media, whereby, all radio stations, television and newspapers shall have functional websites for the up-to-date reportage and on-the-spot breaking news. The world is advancing and the Nigerian media must go digital, to be able to compete favourably and superbly with the global media.

“We, at the Yemi Itodo Campaign Organisation, plead with our dear electorate to consider the aforementioned and vote wisely at the Saturday’s poll. We believe in the NEW DIRECTION project and together, we shall make the above our template for manifesto, upon which we shall run our programs, when elected.

“Vote Yemi Itodo for chairmanship, NUJ Correspondent Chapel, Abuja, for a #NewDirection2018.”

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